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March 07 2011


New Fashion Style Polystyrene Hats

In a abruptness advertisement this morning the home secretary appear that all humans over forty will accept a chargeless polystyrene new era hats  an their altogether this year.

This is due to the ample amount of hat thefts which accept risen nation advanced by 1,500,062.5% in the accomplished six months. The hats are usually baseborn by hat manufacturers who apply appropriate workers to abduct hats by use of aciculate sticks which they stick through peoples letter boxes kill the hats on, again recycle them for bike production.

The new hats will be fabricated by the able-bodied accepted hat super-giant Dolbton Hubris and Hubris. They were called for the agency by agents from over twenty nine altered government departments including MI 6, 12 & 13. The Fox Hats will be fabricated from the a lot of accepted anatomy of Polystyrene, aggrandized polystyrene which is frequently acclimated in packaging.

The hat bill is the aboriginal adjustment anesthetized by the new home secretary who adverse to accepted acceptance is the chav berth sir Fulham Cheevlin A.S.B.O. Famous for his I'm not posh, I'm a scumbag attack endure year which got him his seat. But his critics accept declared this as a gross abusage of government money as this will amount the tax payer thirty two and a bisected actor pounds.

A home appointment agent today said that although thirty two and a bisected actor pounds sounds like a lot of money it is alone 85.7 pence per hat which is almost bisected the amount that humans would pay for a added acceptable jelly, a DC Hats  which is elasticated for added wobble.
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