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Make clothes

That day, I play in the countryside, the clothes were cut through the trees, got home, I quickly called my mother to help me to make. Mother side of the screw started in the clothes, while saying: "You do not see where I was shot to Teng ah!T-shirt designs sixth grade, people, and he still does not make clothes, lost no shame ah!"I think my mother all day Juggle, tired enough, or I try to Bubu out!

I called a small basket loaded needle and thread, sitting beside her mother, remove the needle and thread, put patch on posture, my mother glanced at me, ineffectively "giggle"direct smile. I see, hey! I took the needle, thread have not put it! I embarrassed, self-mockery, said: "Where do I start this is to try to sew it! "

I learned my mother licked the end of a thread in his mouth, picked up the line, for good hole, identify the direction, a wear, Ha ha! Needle with the line "combined"again! Then,armani jeans I started to pick out fabric. I picked a piece of your favorite fabric, ready to slit the first needles, the mother quickly stopped me: "not the same color cloth ah! " I looked, it really does not take the color, does not look good if the seam up the standard. I am embarrassed smile, turned back to pick fabrics, and finally, I found a piece of uniform color and clothing color rags.

Started a sewing needle, two needles, fairly smoothly. Some of elation in my heart, and hum, the original patch on it is that simple! Sewn to the third needle, suddenly was sewn from the inside out to wear the needle a bit, Xuezhu to run out, "Oh, really hurts! " It took a while, the hand no longer hurt, and I picked up clothes And carefully fill up ... ... and with great effort and cut my clothes finally mended.

I am pleased to hold clothes for mom,monster energy T-shirt mother praise, said: "Yes, you learn to make clothes! " I listened to was flattered.

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