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Korea: beautiful streets, shopping paradise

South Korea in the Korean peninsula, extending from north to south length of one thousand one hundred kilometers, with a total area of ​​two hundred twenty-two thousand one hundred fifty-four square km, population 4445.6 million.women jeans South Korea's economy is quite developed, the "Asian Tigers " of the name. Recently had the pleasure of the island up close, will be seen, heard, and share with the flu.

Korean traffic is very developed. In recent years, with the rapid economic development, transportation is growing rapidly. South Korea's motor vehicle has reached more than twelve hundred million, of which there are more than eight million cars, and many are privately owned. Size of the road traffic rolling, massive; night, headlights of vehicles traveling between converging to fight in the dragon many section, walk cross the Han River. We travel thousands of miles from north to south, have not seen a traffic accident,dc shirt it is truly amazing. South Korea has a very high-speed roads have parking, which a variety of services, facilities, food and features a variety of hot and cold snacks and beverages placed into a slide and open to buy; bathroom bright and spacious, neat and clean, released into the atmosphere with a touch Fragrance, landscape painting hanging on the wall, cut off the low wall on top of them the flowers, and there is a dedicated disabled toilet facilities available for the disabled door cars and baby carriages, human services, foreign tourists Preparation of this sense of warmth.

Koreans in particular etiquette. To sit with the elderly, the posture to straighten out. As Korea's table is a short legged little tables, on the ground on the kang, meals, both sides should be sleeping on the ground cross-legged sitting. If it should be kneeling in front of the family in their own foot board, no matter who absolutely can not put your legs straight or splayed, men jeans otherwise it will be considered not polite or insulting. Without prior consent, not at a higher level, smoking front of the family, not to its asking for a light or energize. Meals can not just audible, but not allowed to talk. Into the family home or Korean restaurants should take off your shoes. Meet in public, should take a bow, kept saying: "Oh, ah Niha Race (Hello), ""Honey Ha stabbed to play (thank you). "

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