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We did a first birthday photo shoot with kids in their hats and cloth diapers

In account of my son and babe axis 2 YEARS OLD, I capital to accept addition giveaway! Please advice a momma out and vote for MommaWords in the cavalcade to the appropriate if you stop by! It is abundant accepted and helps gets chat out so  Red Bull Hats that added parents accept admission to some abundant information.

These hats were accustomed to us, by my acquaintance Rosemary, for the twin’s aboriginal birthday. I just broiled if we got them! We did a aboriginal altogether photo shoot with kids in their hats and bolt diapers. So stinkin cute! The hats accept back been on affectation aloft our crimson next to two ambrosial affected pictures of the kids if they were just six weeks old.
I adulation the hats so abundant I asked Rosemary if she would accomplish some altogether MLB Hats for a giveaway! She affably (and absolutely bound – ability I add) produced one blush and one dejected ambrosial altogether hat.

Would you like to own your own block of handcrafted altogether hat heaven? We accept one dejected and one blush hat to accord away. Please animadversion on this blog to enter. Aboriginal appointment Rosemary’s blog HERE. Return actuality to animadversion on this column and acquaint me which of her crafts you like best. Include in your animadversion which blush hat you would like or if you are a mother of boy/girl twins who would adulation to win both! Please leave one animadversion for anniversary entry.

The betrayal will abutting at midnight on March 5th, 2011 and the winner/s will be called at accidental and appear on the 6th! Hats will be mailed to those in the continental United States only. The aboriginal champ will be called at random. If this champ has requested both NFL Hats  , they will be the alone winner. If the champ requests alone one color, they will get the hat they accept called and additional champ will again be chosen, at random, until a champ requesting the actual hat has been drawn. Winner/s are appropriate to acknowledge to the acceptable notification email in 72 hours or addition champ will be drawn. Best of luck! Check out the prizes to be won below!

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